• Protect Your Pension Benefits
  • Protect Your Pension Benefits

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Many companies have engaged in pension de-risking transfers in recent years, moving Retirees out of their defined benefit plans and into group annuity contracts owned by an insurance company. The company you worked for is most likely one of them.

We want to help you protect your pension and other earned benefits.

Since 2012, over $300 Billion in pension liabilities has been transferred to insurers. In 2018, Prudential, Athene, and MetLife each reported individual pension de-risking deals in excess of $1 Billion. While pension de-risking activity slowed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, over $34.2 Billion in pension obligations was transferred to insurance companies in 2021, and $48.3 Billion in 2022.

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Passing state and federal legislation to protect Retirees from the perils of pension de-risking transactions is hard. The insurance industry spends millions of dollars each year lobbying state legislators and Congress seeking to avoid any regulation in this area. But Retirees are known to be tenacious and persistent advocates. Together we can enact protective legislation.

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State Legislation Is Critical

Retirees lose all federal ERISA protections when their pension benefits are transferred to an insurance company. State legislation that provides protections full protections of annuity benefits from creditors, basic financial disclosures, and reasonable restrictions on subsequent transfers is critical to fully protect Retirees in pension de-risking transfers.

We Will Advocate For You

Retirees for Justice advocates for state and federal legislation that provides protection for Retirees in pension de-risking transactions through:

  • full protections of Retirees’ annuity benefits from creditors
  • basic financial disclosures, and
  • reasonable restrictions on subsequent transfers of pension de-risking annuities

We look forward to working with You to protect Your earned benefits!