Pension Risk Transfer Facts for 2022

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You may be wondering how the market for Pension Risk Transfers fared in 2022. As a final wrap up post for 2022, here are some stats to help you answer that question. A pension “buy-out” transaction transfers all liability to retirees and beneficiaries from the plan sponsor to the insurance company through the purchase of a group annuity contract.

First Quarter 2022:

  • $2.667 billion in “buy-out” purchases

Second Quarter 2022:

  • $12.311 billion in “buy-out” purchases

Third Quarter 2022:

  • $26.145 billion in “buy-out” purchases
  • 145 contracts purchased
  • 342,870 participants affected

Fourth Quarter 2022:

  • No real data yet – we will provide these stats when available

Total value of “Buy-out” contracts for 2022: Expected to surpass $50 billion!

Data sourced from LIMRA.